5 Tips for Grilling Vegetable and Side Dish Recipes

By Jennifer Fisher, TheFitFork.com

As a visitor to Beef Loving Texans, I’d bet my last fork full of flat iron steak that you’re already a fan of beef.  TxBeef.org has all the techniques and tricks you need to grill up perfect steaks, ribs or roasts in the backyard – but what about the side dishes?!  While some of us may like to live on beef alone, filling our plates half full with vegetables is the goal in an optimal diet.

Follow these five tips for grilling vegetables and enjoy the season's best produce alongside your beef steak.

Vegetables cook quickly and are super mouthwatering with just a hint of the smoky goodness and caramelization that comes from the grill. Nothing says summer more than a platter full of seasonal veggies grilled up and presented family-style on the patio table. Today, I’m serving up tips on how to grill the summer’s best vegetables, fruits and other side dishes to pair with your meal along with two of my favorite side dish recipes that are great off the grates – Balsamic Marinated Grilled Vegetable Salad and Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Scallion Salad (we’ll get to those at the end of the post). Continue reading

Beef, Mango & Avocado Summer Salad

Beef, Mango & Avocado Salad

Summer time and the living is…salad. Okay, not entirely, but for many of us, this time of year means searching for lighter, fresher seasonal meals to serve our family and friends as we gear up for travel and vacation. Now, before you groan at the mention of salad, read on. This Beef, Mango and Avocado Salad recipe is both sweet and savory, creating great flavor that taste buds of all kinds will love. We should add that this is an extremely easy recipe! You’ll have a nutritious and filling dinner on the table in less than an hour – who doesn’t love that? Continue reading

The Skinny on Lean Beef Cuts

In case you missed it, the BEEF Loving Texans are in the midst of the Protein Challenge, an ongoing effort to build ourselves up to eating the daily recommended amount of protein. The reasons for completing this challenge are plentiful. In addition to supporting lower cholesterol and heart health, higher-protein diets are more likely to leave you feeling satisfied, which can help prevent over-eating throughout the day.

As people who are constantly on-the-go with work, family, friends and fitness, feeling fulfilled is essential to successfully going about our day. Which is exactly why we’re so crazy about lean beef. Just ONE serving of lean beef contains more than 50% of your daily recommended value of protein. That portion equates to about the size of your cell phone!

The Skinny on Lean Beef Cuts Continue reading