10 Easy Back-To-School Recipes

Ah, the end of August. Vacations are coming to a close, bathing suits are being packed away, and temperatures are dropping as fall approaches (Ha! Any Texan knows we’re kidding about that last part). However, perhaps the most familiar aspect of this time of year is the return of back-to-school. For many parents, this is a time of rejoicing. Empty house? Kids busy all day? YES!

That is, until the realization hits that with back-to-school season comes the (sometimes) daunting task of planning school lunches and snacks. That’s right – for the next nine months, those lunchboxes have to be filled every day. Every. Single. Day. YIKES. But don’t fret! Believe it or not, this can be mind-blowingly simple with the right recipes. Which is why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite delicious and nutritious back-to-school recipes to spark some inspiration. We’re all in this together!

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15 Tips for Expert Grilling

Earlier this month, Texas BEEF Team members ventured out to the Beef Loving Texans HQ for Grilling 101, a hands-on, start-to-finish grilling class taught by Texas Beef Council and blogger/griller extraordinaire, Jennifer Fisher of the Fit Fork.

Grilling 101

From rubs and marinades to doneness determination, every basis of grilling was covered and MANY smoky lessons were learned! So many, in fact, that we decided to compile a few of our favorites into one handy blog post for you to implement at home (after all, grilling season ain’t over yet!).

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The Best Healthier Austin Food Trucks

Healthier Austin Food Trucks

It’s no secret that Austin is home to some of the best food trucks in the country. From mouth-watering BBQ to extravagant desserts, the capital of Texas holds hundreds of trucking good meals to satisfy just about every kind of taste bud.

Which is why, for the past month, the BEEF Loving Texans have been on a quest to find the best food trucks in Austin – with a healthier spin. The judging criteria? Seriously delicious food with healthier alternatives or sides available to help fuel cyclists at this year’s Austin Tour de Cure race (more details on that below). Continue reading