Smarter, Healthier, More Successful YOU in 2014 and a Chili Recipe

By Shannon A. Garcia, MDS, RD, LD, CLC

New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – we’re stunned at how fast the past year flew by, and we’re brainstorming our New Year’s resolutions. Our minds often wander to whatever last year’s resolution was, and perhaps how we didn’t quite commit past February-ish. As a registered dietitian, I help my clients set goals, maintain a strategy and achieve success. I’d like to challenge you to think about exactly why you haven’t kept resolutions of the past. AND, if you have been successful in keeping you resolutions, ponder the process and give yourself a nice pat on the back. Continue reading

Leftovers Recipe: Pesto Beef & Arugula Pizza

By Rachel Chou

Leftovers Idea - Pesto Steak & Arugula Pizza

That’s a holiday wrap. Now it’s time to find a leftovers recipe that won’t taste like leftovers. Let me give you a word of advice.  TRY THIS PIZZA RECIPE! Yummy. Seriously, when I first saw the picture of this Pesto Beef & Arugula Pizza, I thought it was beautiful photography, but I had no idea how flavorful and rather light this pizza would be. The brightness of the pesto and lemon juice and the   sweetness of the tomatoes paired with savory beef is a fabulous combination. Continue reading

Top 10 Beef Rub Recipes for a Perfectly Seasoned Beef Roast

By Rachel Chou Top 10 Beef Rubs It’s almost Go Time. Holiday meal planning and preparations are in full swing. You’ve decided that an impressive beef roast is at the center of your table, so now it’s time to iron out the details. (How to Cook a Beef Roast) Specifically, you’ve got to get your hands on tasty rub recipes that will complete the mouthwatering holiday package. Continue reading