Lean Beef Certified by American Heart Association Heart-Check Program

Look for American Heart Association-approved lean beef at the grocery store. Four fresh beef cuts now display the Heart-Check certification, signifying that they are extra-lean and meet the American Heart Association’s criteria for low saturated fat and low cholesterol.

Lean beef is the complete recipe for better health: lean protein, essential nutrients and great taste. The American Heart Association Heart-Check certification makes it easy for you to locate high-quality, satisfying extra-lean beef items that will help keep you and your families healthy.

Selecting heart-healthy foods is a good first step in creating an overall sensible eating plan. On average, one 3-oz serving of lean beef contains about 150 calories and provides a naturally rich source of 10 essential nutrients, including protein, iron, zinc and heart-healthy B vitamins. The protein in beef is a powerful nutrient that helps strengthen and sustain bodies and hearts.

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